Kelly Carvin

Kelly Carvin is a rising singer/songwriter hailing from New Jersey. Her compelling songs blend rock, pop, folk, and blues. She has earned numerous accolades as a contestant on "American Idol", a finalist for the "Singing Sensations Contest", and the winner of the "Searching for the Stars" competition. Kelly kindly joined Artist Spotlight to discuss her music and her dedication to rebuilding Haiti, lyme disease research, and Jam for Life serving the transplant community through art and music.

What has been the greatest source of inspiration for your songwriting? Are you more inspired to write during tragedy or triumph?
Both. I guess I write about what I know. I write a lot about inspiration overall and that comes from both tragedy and triumph. Songs like "So Alive" are in between tragedy and triumph, but it wasn't my own, it's someone else's. Songs just come, most of the time I am feeling some kind emotion - positive or negative. Either way, I turn it into a positive just by turning that energy into a song.

Do you have a favorite song you have written or a song that is particularly dear to your heart?
Has to be "Fire". I don't know what it is about that song but people love it. I think it's because when I wrote it, I was in such a empowering place, mentally and spirtually. It totally came out in the song, you can feel my passion, 'fire' and strength inside of me. I feel it every time I perform it, so I think that's why people love it so much. I want people to hear that song and say to themselves "wow, I can be that strong too.."

What is your all-time favorite song (by another artist)?
I hate these questions.. haha. I love anything by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Tom Petty - they are my favorite songwriters.

Is there any artist you dream of performing with someday?
John Popper honestly. Ever sinse the first time I heard him sing, I said to myself "I will sing with him one day" and when it happens it's going to be BAD ASS! Our voices would sound so great together. I would love to tour with Melissa Ethridge and collab with Eminem.

What message would you like your music to convey to the listeners?
Hope, desire, inspiration, and a feeling of not being alone.

Name five adjectives that describe you as a person.
Inspirational, friendly, fun, spontaneous, real, witty

Name five adjectives that describe your music.
Real, Raw, inspirational, relateable, rock

Name five performers who have influenced you most as an artist.
Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd

You devote your time to benefits such as Jam for Life. Can you tell us more about the causes you support?
I have supported causes for lyme disease, disasters such as the one in Haiti, individual persons in need benefits, and last Saturday I did one for my friends The Natural Breakdown (they are a band) to help them raise money for their new bus they want to convert to veggie oil and take on tour. I have done countless benefits, basically anything that I feel is worth supporting. I am sure I will do more and I do Jam For Life every year.

What are your future projects?
I will have an album out by November and I plan on getting signed. I am also hosting singer/songwriter circles called "Kelly Carvin presents Singer/Songwriter Shakedown" at Cafe International in Trenton. I am going to host it once every 3 months (roughly) to contribute to the local community and show the people what an amazing scene there is, and that the talent is HERE, you don't have to go to New York or Philly only to see it.

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