Celleste is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, dancer, model, and actress. She is also co-founder and manager of the independent record label, Mighty Music. Celleste has modeled for a national cosmetics campaign, and she has toured the world as a backup singer/dancer with Canadian star Garou.  Now she embarks on a flourishing solo music career. Celleste kindly joined Artist Spotlight to discuss her new projects and her desire to be a voice for important new causes.

Tell us more about your album "Ready to Fly". What is the greatest inspiration for your songs?
My music is inspired by 60's & 70's rock bands, but produced in a more commercial pop way. I call it modern classic rock :). Ready To Fly, as a song and as the title of my debut CD, represents me and my style very well, and of course it's kind of a statement at the same time. My lyrics are inspired by my own life, and that's important to me in order to perform them with conviction.

Do you have a favorite song you have recorded or a song that is particularly dear to your heart?
I love all the songs on 'Ready To Fly' for different reasons, but I have to say that 'What Are We Waiting For' was really a playground for me. It's a jam tune where everybody was loose and just having fun, and I got to do whatever I wanted vocally… That's always a blast :)

What is your all-time favorite song (by another artist)?
One song! That's way too hard… I'm a huge Zeppelin fan! So I would have to say either 'Rock n Roll' or 'Hey Hey What Can I do' or 'Going To California'… Like I said, to pick one song is impossible :)

Is there any artist you dream of performing with someday?
I would absolutely love to meet Robert Plant and Jimmy Page! I'd love to sing with Lenny Kravitz :)

What message would you like your music to convey to the listener?
To be true to themselves! To NEVER settle for less, to follow their instincts, and to never stop dreaming.

Name five adjectives that describe you as a person.
Positive, devoted, loyal, sincere and ambitious.

Name five adjectives that describe your music.
Sharp & Edgy, Smooth & Sweet and how about "chock-full-'o-Celleste" :)

Name five performers who have influenced you most as an artist.
Robert Plant of course, Janis Joplin, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow and the queen of queens Madonna.

Can you tell us more about the charities and causes you support?
I have a tendency to defend the ones who don't have a voice! I hope I get to support many causes throughout my career cuz I admire artists who are successful and use their notoriety to make positive change . If you get to be famous in your life, you have a great opportunity to reach a lot of people…so I believe one must take advantage of that in a meaningful and purposeful way.

Which performance do you consider the highlight of your career, thus far?
I was a back-up singer for a Canadian artist a few years ago (Garou, managed by Celine Dion's husband at the time). We did a European tour and the first time I was in front of a big auditorium crowd was really an amazing feeling! I cried… So much love to process…It was overwhelming, but at the same time it felt so good :) I thought, I want some of that for myself :) But I also have to say that in the past two years, writing an album, building a record label, being a business woman and having a wonderful life is quite a "performance" that I'm proud of as well :)

What projects will you be working on this year? Any plans to tour?
My album will be coming out officially this summer, so there's still a lot of things to organize. My first music video to the single 'Real Love' is being edited right now and we are preparing my promotional campaign… Booking will be coming soon and I can't wait!

My album was just uploaded to the net last month and so far we are very happy about the responses. More and more requests from radios via Myspace from the US and Europe, and at the same time we're talking with publicists and radio promoters for Canada. I entered a Bon Jovi contest 6 days ago (for Toronto) and even though I entered late in the race (2 weeks after it began) I managed to go from no#528 to no#30 in 6 days. I even got some TV coverage in Quebec, on the biggest morning show of the province… It was great! The top 20 will be revealed Friday, so I still have some voting to do :) I'll let you know.

First of all...most important thing...and that goes for everyone and everything - Never settle for less!
Stay true to yourself, follow your instinct & your heart at all times, stay grounded (having an EGO will take U NOwhere), be professional (even if it's an unprofessional situation). Work hard, be passionate, be devoted, be patient, have faith, and never stop believing in your dreams.
Finally - Do not be discouraged by rejection! Rejection is part of the journey...and will make U stronger :)
Have fun doing what U love to do and people will love U for it!
VoilĂ ! :) XXX

P.S : Concerning dreams... Here's a side note 4 U :
The late Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) touched my soul with these lyrics from the song "Change" (as for Shannon, he dedicated this song to the late Kurt Cobain):
"When your deepest thoughts are broken, keep on dreaming boy, cause when you stop dreaming it's time to die."
As a Shannon Hoon fan, I thought that was beautiful and it inspired me to write my song "Ready To Fly" :
"I'm packed, I'm ready, saying goodbye. If I ever stop dreaming, I'll be ready to die. Babe I'm ready, Ready To Fly!"
Words that I live by...:)
God bless Shannon Hoon and Kurt Cobain's souls.

Thanks to Celleste for sharing her time and talent. Check out Celleste's modern classic rock debut album Ready to Fly.
Visit http//www.celleste.com

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