CC Coletti

CC Coletti has toured the world as a backing vocalist for rock artists like Meat Loaf and Amfibian. She also creates rock n' roll for the soul with her New Jersey blues-rock group, CC Coletti Band.  Her band has opened for legends like The Smithereens, War, Bret Michaels, Kix, and Doobie Brothers.  While busy preparing for her "Experience Janis" tribute concert, CC kindly joined Artist Spotlight to discuss her new projects and her devotion to worthy causes like Special Olympics, Hurricane Katrina relief, The Last Resort Animal Rescue, Kelsey Charity Run, and Local and Legend scholarship fund.

What is the greatest inspiration for your songs? Are you more inspired to write during tragedy or triumph?
I write about both, triumph and tragedy! I also love just fun carefree party songs about drinking or a bar or something fun, not too heavy so people can listen and have fun! But my favorites are ones from the heart, that have real meaning, like my Woodstock Lane and You Were My Angel!

Your song "You Were My Angel" is very dear to my heart. Do you have a favorite song on "Woodstock Lane" or a song that is particularly dear to your heart?
Yes, you said it! "You Were My Angel" it's written for my Mom and Dad, and I have people constantly saying they have dedicated it to a lost loved one as well, its great that we can remember the ones we love with a song! For a rocker song, I'd have to say "Quit You" and "Peace in My Soul" are my favs!

What is your all-time favorite song (by another artist)?
My all time favorite song...thats tuff, I can't pick one, anything Zeppelin!

Is there any artist you dream of performing with someday?
I would love to perform with my love Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers, also I'd love to sing with Joe Cocker!

What message would you like your music to convey to the listeners?
The message I'd like to convey to my listeners is rock n roll is here to stay, crank it up, sing out loud, let the wind flow through your hair and the sun shine down on you even if its raining, smile, be carefree, peaceful, and happy through these rough roads of life, if you screw up, keep on moving forward, and don't let anyone push you down, if you lose someone you love dearly, remember all the good memories!

Name five adjectives that describe you as a person.
happy, sensitive, soulful, strong, easygoing.

Name five adjectives that describe your music.
rock, soulful, bluesy, funky, fun.

Name five performers who have influenced you most as an artist.
Anthony Krizan, (MY MOM) Barbara Coletti Stadnik, Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, Paul Rodgers

I lost my mom to cancer a few years ago. You also lost your parents to cancer. In what ways did that experience influence your music?
My mom was a singer and my dad played the guitar and sang too, they were both really into music. They always wanted us (my brother and sisters) to "take it on the road" my mom would say. They blessed me with this talent. It was too soon for them to go, but I know they are with me every day routing me on, and that gives me the strength to carry out their dreams.

What was your day-job before joining Meat Loaf's Neverland Express band?
My day job before Meat Loaf was a receptionist at a Dr's office. Then I got my certification for Massage Therapy and graduated literally a couple days before my first tour. I still do massage, when not singing.

What did you learn from touring as a backing vocalist with the Neverland Express?
I've learned a lot from Meat Loaf and Patti Russo. From Meat, my first tour with Meat was his "Last World Tour", we've worked every year since. That man is determined to ROCK and I love that about him, when you think he's down, he gets right back up again! 
And Patti- "POWERHOUSE". I've learned that you can still party like a rock star and get up and belt it out! I love them!

You have performed at benefits for worthy causes like Special Olympics: Stars and Stripes for Gold in Florida. Can you tell us more about the causes you support?
I am willing to perform for any beneficial cause. There are so many in this world. If I can help or make an impact just by doing what i love to do, sing, than that is a wonderful thing. I support most all causes, and hope that the money really goes to where it should.

Tell us more about the talented musicians in CC Coletti Band- Anthony, TJ, John, & Arne.
My Band- They rock!

T.J. Jablonski (bass) is my wonderful husband, we've been married for 9 1/2 years, we met at one of my shows and then we started a band CC & Crew. T.J.'s been playing the bass in the NY, NJ music scene for 20yrs, he's also a Christmas tree farmer and can do about any task in the world, he's my wonderful husband, I'm a very lucky girl.

Anthony Krizan (guitar) formerly of The Spin Doctors and Noel Redding of "Jimi Hendrix Experience" wrote "Stand By My Woman" Lenny Kravitz, wrote, produced and performed with John Waitte. We met in 2004 when I got a call asking me to join the band Amfibian (Tom Marshall lyrisist of Phish.) We connected right away, started writing and recording while I was off tour, the friendship and bond we created is inseparable, it's like we were destined to meet, by the music we create, he brought out more of my soul than I knew I had.

Arne Wendt (keyboards) the synthesizer gooroo he knows how to play any and every song in the book, and if he doesn't he will try. Has a long list of performers played with. Very smart, talented musician.

John Hummel (DRUMS) Can you say John Bonham, this name best describes John Hummel! John is one of the sweetest men I've ever met, and the best hugger in the world. John does not play the drums he pummels them! Outstanding!

You recently released a holiday album with Anthony Krizan, and your band recorded a live album. Can you share more info about these projects?
Our Christmas CD is called "Naughty and Nice: A Rock n Roll Christmas", Anthony and I collaborated our favorite classic songs and a few originals and recorded them, it's kind of hard to get in the Christmas spirit in August but that's when you really have to start it, so we caught ourselves rushing the product, we plan to work on it every year and add more and more songs to the cd.
As for our LIVE Recording, we have not yet released a cd of that show, you can however hear a few of the Janis covers on my

As for "Experience Janis" It is a tribute show to Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, our icons! Tributes are very popular right now in the music scene, and I've always wanted to do a Janis tribute, after Anthony played me a cd of him singing and playing Jimi Hendrix songs with Noel Redding, it hit me, a double tribute. Janis and Jimi on stage for the first time together, wouldn't that have been great! The show will have a tear jerking slide show of clips of Jimi and Janis, and an awesome psychedelic light show that should not be missed. Our first and only show booked at this time is on Friday, May 7th at the newly re-opened Brook Theatre, In Bound Brook, NJ 8:30 pm-7:30 door. Tickets for $20 in advance and $25 at door. For more info check out and

Do you have any plans to tour this year?
I absolutely love performing with my band!!! We hope to tour soon in UK, Germany, France, and the USA!! I'm working on a new album as well!

Thanks so much Sharon, great questions! Rock on! Love, CC

Thanks to CC for sharing her time and talent. Check out CC's debut album Woodstock Lane and her holiday album Naughty and Nice: A Rock n' Roll Christmas.

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