Sara Douglas

Sara Douglas is a talented singer/songwriter hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Her sultry vocals and heartening songs deliver a blend of pop, rock, folk, and blues. She performed before thousands as a backing vocalist at a Meat Loaf concert and now embarks on a promising solo career. Sara kindly joined Artist Spotlight to discuss her music and her support of tsunami relief.

What was your inspiration for the songs on your EP "Rocketship"?
This is my first Ep which I put together using 9 of my favourite songs I'd written at the time. Most of the songs come from broken relationships and my life's journey so far. I've been singing other people's melodies my whole life so I think I have an instinct for what might work because of this!

Do you have a favorite song on the album or a song that is particularly dear to your heart?
My favourite song is probably 'Hoping'. It's very much to do with breaking up with someone you still love and lyrically as a new songwriter I was really pleased with this one!

What is your all-time favorite song (by another artist)?
'I Can't Make You Love Me' written by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin recorded by Bonnie Raitt or 'The River'- Garth Brooks written by Victoria Shaw, Garth Brooks

Is there any artist you dream of performing with someday?
If I were privileged enough to sing with any truly successful artist that would be amazing. Anyone who has had longevity in this tough business!

What message would you like your music to convey to the listeners?
I would like people to hear 'hope' in the songs even from the sad ones. I think life can be very serious sometimes and in some of the tracks, although the song may be about a serious issue like heartbreak or betrayal, the words are conveying a little bit of tongue and cheek so the listener can hopefully enjoy it without crying into their supper!

Name five adjectives that describe you as a person.
Loving, loyal, humorous, spiritual, hopeful

Name five adjectives that describe your music.
Simple, melodic, true, reflective, catchy

Name five performers who have influenced you most as an artist.
Sheryl Crow, Dolly Parton, Pink, Bonnie Raitt, my mother Jan Douglas

You performed as a backing vocalist at one of Meat Loaf's concerts. Please describe your experience performing with the Neverland Express.
That was all like a dream! One minute I was singing in clubs and next I was on Top of the Pops and singing on stage with such great musicians and singers to 10,000 people. It gave me a taste for bigger things and that great things can happen to anyone! They were very nice, fun people and I've stayed in contact with some of them over the years. When real 'stars' think your music is good it really gives you the drive to keep doing what you're doing.

Can you tell us more about the causes and charities you support?
I am very open to helping out any charity at all. People who try to help others less fortunate do such a meaningful job and if asked I'd be glad to be involved. In the past my mother and I have raised money for cot death as my older sister died of cot death before I was born. We raised alot of money holding a concert for the tsunami victims also a few years ago.

What projects will you be working on this year?
I'd like to record another Ep or Album with my band in Glasgow. We would also like to do a headline tour across Britain and are hoping backing by way of management or record company.

First of all I would advise to learn an instrument. Best with guitar. If I could go back now I would have picked up a guitar alot earlier. This allows you to be creative and that would be the key to any success. For years I thought other people could write songs for me but now I realise that if you can stand on your own two feet and be self sufficent then it helps no end. Another good thing is if you create your own versions of other peoples songs so maybe sit with an acoustic guitar and film a version of your favourite artists song. With regards to singing or guitar or performing the best advice I would give is practice. Don't stop practicing. Enjoy what you do and get your stuff out there for the world to see because not to sound harsh but if you don't create a buzz about yourself noone is going to come knocking on your door. My other advice would be to stay away from all the reality shows and competitions. Just get a Fb, a website and a video camera and promote yourself with demos and pictures etc. I hope that helps. xxx

Thanks very much for taking an interest and will gladly keep you up to date with how life is going with the band.
Sara Douglas

Thanks to Sara for sharing her time and talent. Check out her debut EP "Rocketship".

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