Kelly Carvin

Kelly Carvin is a talented singer/songwriter who earned acclaim as a finalist on American Idol and as the winner of Searching for the Stars.  Her debut album Kelly Carvin & The Future has received praise from fans and critics.  Kelly is a supporter of many worthy causes including the rebuilding of Haiti, lyme disease research, Jam for Life benefiting the transplant community, and Stop Hunger Now.  She kindly shared one of her favorite breakfast recipes.



I'm all about the SMOOTHIES! and I'm a vegetarian so.. I like to take a full banana (a must for texture), 2-3 strawberries (or a handful of any kind of berry), 1/2 mango, a handful of greens (watercress is low in flavor and high in vitamins, spinach or mixed greens work too), splash of either green tea or orange/apple juice, gelatin free yogurt and/or tofu, some crushed ice cubes, and a handful of granola; put it in a blender and it's the best breakfast a healthy musician could ask for!


Thanks to Kelly for sharing her recipe.  If you enjoy her recipe, please volunteer your time and contribute to your local food pantry.