Ginny Luke

Ginny Luke is a multi-talented violinist, keyboardist, singer, and songwriter.  She has performed with the bands Adam 812 and Global Affect and recorded with superstars like Snoop Dogg, Meat Loaf, and J. Cole.  Ginny kindly joined Artist Spotlight to discuss her career and her devotion to All Children's Hospital, Autism Speaks, and Walk For Life.

You have been playing violin and piano since age 3. Tell us more about your musical background.
Music was always been a part of my family - I have three brothers who play cello, violin, and trumpet. My parents had a rule that all of us had to start learning an instrument at the age of three and we couldn't quit until we were 18. I grew up in the "classical world" but performed in musicals, many of them directed by my parents, starting at age 3 up until I was 15. I loved musical theatre and I also loved performing violin, piano, and voice; I'm happy I'm able to do shows which require all of them now!

How did the opportunities come about to record violin on albums for icons like Snoop Dogg and Meat Loaf?
For Snoop Dogg I was called by a trombone player that works with a production crew, 1500 or Nothin Prod. in LA - he had heard me play violin at a jam in Hollywood and called me a few weeks later when they needed a violinist. Meat Loaf was more of a surprise; a previous teacher from Musician's Institute called me up and asked me to record violin parts for the new record "Hell in a Handbasket" over the summer (which is an awesome record!! Hope you'll take a listen!) 

You just toured Australia as a violinist in Meat Loaf's band. What did you learn from performing with The Neverland Express?
I gained confidence and learned how much power there is in believing in yourself. I had such a great time performing with them - every night there was so much energy and spontaneity. Meat Loaf and Patti Russo are both incredible performers and singers. So often they would surprise the band with new dialogue in "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" or Meat would tell a different story onstage and he would always capture the audience. 

Tell us more about the bands Adam 812 and Global Affect. 
Adam 812 is pop/rock band that I began recording and performing with at the age of 16. We have so far released a full length album and an EP, produced by Christian Davis, which feature 7 songs that I wrote or co-wrote on. We've performed around the US and Ireland, doing school tours, playing clubs, Gay Pride Festivals, state festivals, a few TV/web TV shows, and charity events. I gained so much performance experience and musical growth from Adam 812 - it was really a jumping off point for me as a performer. There's no better feeling than being able to perform your own songs to people who know all the words!

Global Affect is a fusion jazz group that I began playing with in January of this year - we met at a jam and started playing around St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Clearwater, FL. We are currently putting together a full length album and hope to spread a message of global love, respect, and diversity. The music is really one of a kind and the guys in the band are such wonderful, creative people. 

What inspires your songwriting?
All of my best songs have been songs that came from the heart - from real life, that have strong, genuine feelings attached to them. When I have something on my mind or on my heart I start writing and I don't stop - I try to keep writing until I have no more left to say. Watching friends' experiences and getting inspiration from music videos, movies, and other songs help me write well too. It's all about telling a good story, I think. 

Do you have a favorite song you have written/recorded?
My new material for my EP is some of the most developed and expressive I think I've written so far. I'm self-producing a fair amount of it, too, so the music is genuinely reflective of the message of the songs. Thinking back, I am pretty proud of the Adam 812 song "My Eyes Said So" which I wrote about my parents' divorce at 16. 

What is your all-time favorite song (by another artist)?
"A Song for You" by Herbie Hancock feat. Christina Aguilera 

What message would you like your music to convey to the listeners?
Find the power inside of you and be true to yourself. Whether you've gone through heartache or struggle you can pick up the pieces; celebrate the good moments and find the beauty and worth in yourself. 

Name 5 adjectives to describe your music.
Genuine, powerful, expressive, evolving, progressive 

Name 5 performers who influenced you the most as an artist.
Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Joan Jett, Regina Carter, Alicia Keys 

Name 5 adjectives to describe yourself.
Driven, focused, fun-loving, creative, passionate 

Tell us about the causes and charities close to your heart.
All Children's Hospital is very close to my heart, and I have been supporting their development and new hospital opening in the last three years. In May of this year and April of last year, I was able to visit with many of the patients and help promote the fundraisers for the hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. I also support Autism Speaks, which is dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, and Walk For Life, which raises awareness for suicide prevention and depression. 

What projects will you be working on in the future?
I will be releasing my solo EP and (fingers crossed) a new music video, as well as releasing new songs with the bands I'm playing in. I'll also be recording for Meat Loaf and continuing to work with 1500 or Nothin Prod., recording for different artists, including Cory B. (Snoop Dogg's daughter). Much more to come!

Find the power inside of you and be true to yourself.

Thanks to Ginny for sharing her time and talent.  Check out Adam 812's self-titled debut album.
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