Jess Kellner

Jess Kellner is a talented singer/songwriter who recently wowed audiences as a member of Team Usher on The Voice.  She is the dynamic lead singer of Jess & The Echoes.  Jess is also a supporter of anti-hunger causes and kindly shared one of her favorite recipes.  



what you need:

4 tbs corn starch
4 cups of milk
1 stick of butter
1 package of velveeta cheese
1 bag on noodles
1 can of parm/rom sprinkle cheese

Pour milk and butter into a pot and heat on med. Once the butter melts, add in the 4 tbs corn starch. You have to constantly stir or else the corn starch will burn to the bottom. It should start to get a lot thicker. Once it starts boiling, turn off burner and add in velveeta cheese, cut up.
Add in half the can of parm/ rom, mix it all up and you've got some fantastic mac and cheese.


Thanks to Jess for sharing her recipe.  If you enjoy her recipe, please volunteer your time and contribute to your local food pantry.